The name of Van Hengel

My elder ancestor that is known to me, is Jan ten Holte van Hengel, schoolmaster and verger at Dinxperlo (about 1650). Most of the descendants moved between 1770 and 1790 to Rotterdam and its surroundings (e.g. Rhoon en Poortugaal) and my greatgreatgrandfather Barend moved to Barendrecht in 1836.

The name Van Hengel has more origins. At the homepage of the Meertensinstituut you can find some origins of the name Van Hengel. Below you will find several origins of the people with the name Van Hengel. -.

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  2. Jan ten Holte van Hengel in english and dutch

  3. Willem van Hengel from Gendringen in english and dutch

  4. Geert Schulte van Hengel from Boekholt / Bocholt in english and dutch

  5. Hendrik van Hengel from Antwerp in english and dutch

  6. Wynnolt / Wessel van Hengel from Gendringen in english and dutch

  7. Gerrit van Hengelo from Deventer in english and dutch