My (Jan Arie) hobby genealogy

A lot of my spare moments are spend on genealogy, i.e. I am searching for my (and my wife's) ancestors. I do my research most of the time on the internet, but I also visit archives.

The main purpose of showing all the genealogical information is to help others in their search for information. Wout Paans and Dirk Hoogeveen have given me a great deal of their research to publish it, a research of several decades.

If you have questions or additions for the Hoogeveen genealogy, please send them to me so I can forward it to him. He will answer your questions and can even send you an rtf-file to your emailaddress.

The information you can lookup via the buttons above or the links below have been published according the dutch law to protect the privacy of living persons.

When you click the buttons you will find :

Back - You will return at my starting page

Ancestry - The ancestors of my grandchildren

van Hengel - The pedigrees of Jan ten Holte van Hengel from Dinxperlo

Paans - The pedigrees of Rommen Thonisz from Gravenmoer

Verbeek - The pedigrees of Gerrit Verbeek from Meteren

Hoogeveen - The pedigrees of Hendrik Jans (Bremer) Hoogeveen.

Mik - The pedigrees of Derk Jans (Mik) uit Wildervank