Descendants of persons with the name Hoogeveen

The name of the first Hoogeveen comes from the village of Hoogeveen (in the Netherlands in the province of Drente). Hendrik Jans Bremer moved from Hoogeveen to Beilen and from that moment on he called himself Hoogeveen. Hendrik Jans Bremer (became Hendrik Jans Hoogeveen) is the elder ancestor.

May 2002 Dirk Hoogeveen from Canada (no descendant of Hendrik Jans Bremer) sent me an email and said that he had done a lot of investigations (already in the seventies) and asked if I was interested in the results of his investigations. You bet I was.

Dirk has send me also the information of several "other" Ho(o)geveen families which you can see below

Dirk Hoogeveen has written an article in Dutch - The Magazine. Header of the article is : What's an O or two (Digging for Dutch roots). Yea can read it here.

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Name Place Dutch English Remarks
Hendrik Jans Hoogeveen (Bremer) Hoogeveen NL Eng The family of my wife
Aijsse Jans Hogeveen Ureterp NL Eng Here you find Jelle Hoogeveen, whose ship is now the base of students and that ship is now called Nicolaas Mulerius
Coenraad Alberts Hoogeveen Zwartsluis NL Eng Here you find Jan Hoogeveen from Urk who went to South-Africa at the end of the nineteenth century. He participated in the Boer War and died in a prisoner camp (malaria). There has been written a newspaper article and a book based on the letters that he send to his wife and children in the Netherlands.
Wiebe Gerrits Hogeveen Hemrik NL Eng -
Douwe Beens Hoogeveen Veenwouden NL Eng Mattheus Bernard Hoogeveen has been the author of the so-called "lees-plankje". This was the base on which many children learned to read during their first years at school. Well-known words are "aap, noot, mies".
Lieuwe Jelles Hogeveen Lippenhuizen NL Eng -
Jacob Gaukes Hogeveen Drachten NL Eng -
Hendrik Wytzes Hogeveen Noordwolde en Boyl NL Eng -
Welmer Harmens Hoogeveen Scherpenzeel NL Eng -
Hendrik Baarten Hoogeveen Lippenhuizen NL Eng -
Johannes Eises Hogeveen Surhuisterveen NL Eng -
Bouwe Jaldert (Jallert) Hogeveen Lippenhuizen NL Eng formerly known on this site as Bouwe Sietses and Sietse Bouwes. They appear to be the son and grandson of Bouwe Jaldert (also Jallert)
Hendrik Koekoek (later Hogeveen) Ruinen NL Eng -
Wiebe Oenes Hogeveen Wijnjeterp NL Eng -
Albert Tjibbes Hogeveen Gorredijk NL Eng -
Otto Hepkes (Hogeveen) Oudkerk NL Eng -
Hermen Hermense (Hoogeveen) Amersfoort NL Eng -
Willem Hoogheveen Leiden NL Eng -
Hendrik Hogerveen Terheijde NL Eng Descedents of Hendrik moved to Noord-Brabant (e.g. Boxmeer)
Jacob Hoogeveen Region of Nieuwkoop NL Eng -
Maarten Hoogeveen Zoeterwoude NL Eng -
Jacob Hoogeveen Aarlanderveen NL Eng -
Berent Hoogeveen Zoetermeer NL Eng -
Cornelis Hoogeveen Westland (Monster, Poeldijk, Wateringen) NL Eng -
Matthijs Gijsbertsz Hogeveen Zwammerdam NL Eng -
Ary Hoogeveen Stompwijk, Lidschendam en 's Gravenhage NL Eng
Johannes Hoogeveen Loosduinen, 's Gravenhage NL Eng -
Pieter Hoogeveen Loosdrecht, Kortenhoef NL Eng -
Claes Hogeveen Rijnsaterwoude NL Eng -
Albert Lebbes Hoogeveen Tolbert (Leek) NL Eng -
Pieter Cornelis Hogeveen Amstelveen NL Eng