Descendents of Rommen Thonisz

The name Paans has been researched by Wout Paans (2017) - he did the most of the research (90 %) - and Ad Paans. He is member of the genealogical community in Werkendam, where you will find a lot of the Paans pedigrees.

I correspond (e.g. by email) with various Paans-pedigrees who help me completing the genealogy by sending me the information about their direct family (father, mother, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, etc).

Most of the pedigree live in the Netherlands, but I have also contacts in the rest of the world (United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden/Wales). The people living outside the Netherlands do not always speak Dutch, so that is the main reason why I translated (as far as it was possible) the site in the english language.

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Origin surname - Here you will find the origin of the name Paans. Mr L.F.W. Adriaenssen has done the research and wrote an article about it. I hope - in future - to translate his article in English.

Genealogy 1 - Here you will find the genealogy of Rommen Thonisz in the Dutch language.

Genealogy 2 - Here you will find the genealogy of Rommen Thonisz in the English language.

Photographs - Here you will find the collection of photographs of Paans or Paans related family

RoodeVaart - Here you will find a newspaperarticle (dutch) about the Paans family in RoodeVaart (near Moerdijk)